I'm a web developer who specializes in the creation of modern data-driven web applications using industry best-practices and agile methodologies. Additionally, I'm proficient in the development of network programming applications and custom web service APIs. I combine cutting-edge web technologies with strong Object-Oriented and Functional programming patterns to produce engaging, useful and informative user experiences on personal computers and mobile devices as well as web services that can be integrated with and consumed by third parties.

Technical Skills

Below I've listed a few of my core competencies. I would be happy to discuss my experience with specific frameworks, libraries, and development methodologies in person.

  • PHP / MySQL 8 years

  • HTML / CSS 8 years

  • Python Network Programming 2 years

  • JavaScript Frameworks 5 years

  • Mobile Web Development 2 years

  • Node.js / MongoDb 2 years

  • AMQP Messaging Services 4 years

  • Test-Driven Development4 years

Work Experience

Here we have my employer history, along with specific details about the types of projects I've worked on and my role in their development.

Senior Developer - Varsity News Network (Grand Rapids, MI) Mar 2015 - Present

Worked with a team of talented programmers to develop a suite of Angular.js applications designed to solve the problems faced by high school athletic directors, coaches, athletes and parents, including software for team registrations, rosters, schedules and alert systems.

Developed and maintained complex relational database architectures, exposed by a HAL+JSON Hypermedia REST API built using the Symfony PHP framework and the Doctrine Object Relational Mapper

Followed and helped refine Test-Driven Development (TDD) best practices for the team.

Facilitated team productivity, maintained product backlogs and managed Scrum processes as a certified ScrumMaster

Software Engineer - U.S. Signal Company (Grand Rapids, MI) Dec 2013 - Oct 2014

Developed custom Enterprise CRM and ERP software for the Telecommunications industry used to manage thousands of customers built on Zend Framework version 2 and Doctrine ORM version 2

Developed and maintained complex relational database architectures using PostgreSQL servers containing dozens of schemata and hundreds of tables, including views, functions and trigger functions

Followed and helped refine Test-Driven Development (TDD) best practices for the team

Facilitated team productivity, maintained product backlogs and managed Scrum processes as a certified ScrumMaster

Web Service/Network Application Developer - CU*Answers April 2011 - Nov 2013

Developed middleware applications to integrate 3rd-party web services and Credit Union core data-processing systems

Developed custom multithreaded Python TCP network servers to accept financial transactions in proprietary data formats and translate them to standard requests for consumption by 3rd-party

Built custom web applications used by dozens of credit unions to accept incoming loan applications and various other financial transactions

Designed database schemata and encryption schemes to store and safeguard sensitive financial information

Performed server maintenance tasks including managing SVN and git repositories, installing python packages and PHP extensions and scheduling tasks via crontab

PHP Web Developer - Fusionary Media (Grand Rapids, MI) May 2010 - Apr 2011

Created and extensively customized Modules and Extensions for the popular ExpressionEngine CMS

Developed and implemented an ExpressionEngine module to consume an e-commerce SOAP API for a large furniture manufacturer/retailer

Used the PHP CURL library to post data to third party systems without public APIs

Made extensive use of the jQuery library to enhance user interface interaction

PHP/Interactive Web Developer - Media Genesis (Troy, MI) Feb 2006 - Jun 2008

Developed many custom PHP applications including Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts and Community Sites

Built and customized websites using popular blogging and CMS platforms including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and ExpressionEngine

Developed RIA (Rich Internet Application) front- and backends using the Adobe Flex Builder framework and PHP/MySQL

Created and deployed streaming video sites using the Wowza media server and the FFMPEG library

PHP/Interactive Web Developer - Osiris Design Group Jan 2004 - Present

Developed custom PHP 5 object-oriented MVC frameworks to enable rapid development when a more fully featured framework such as Zend Framework or CakePHP would be overkill

Built a fully-featured custom CMS system using the Zend Framework featuring database and page caching, the Apache Lucene search engine library, the reCAPTCHA API and many other features

Designed and created websites for clients in many industries including finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, non-profit/charity and entertainment

Created custom CMS solutions for clients with capabilities including consumption of SOAP and REST-based web services, image management and manipulation, customer relationship management, analytics and reporting, Audio (mp3) distribution, video upload/conversion, video streaming, event/calendar management, product catalog management and mortgage loan pipeline management

Built reusable interactive components for use in websites including event calendars, image galleries, photo galleries and audio playlists


Please visit http://www.philipdamra.com for more information about past projects.

  • Custom PHP CMS
  • Custom e-Commerce Store
  • Online Restaurant System
  • Custom Flash/PHP Shopping Cart
  • Custom Social Networking Site
  • Interactive Mortgage Site
  • Customized XCart Shopping Cart
  • Custom Flash Site
  • Another Flash/PHP CMS
  • Custom Flash


A great deal of my technical expertise is derived from self-directed training and professional development.

Numerous Online Training Courses - Various Sources Sep 2006 - Present

Throughout my career, I've been very aggressive about developing and expanding my skill set. To this end, I have used respected, industry-leading training providers such as PluralSight, O'Reilly, Lynda.com, Udemy and Coursera to ensure that I remain abreast of new technologies as they develop. I've successfully completed many online and in-person training courses covering the following areas (among many others!):

  • React.js Framework
  • Node.js & Express.js
  • AWS Server Administration
  • AMQP Messaging with RabbitMQ
  • GraphQL with Express and React
  • Socket.io with Express and React
  • Angular 1.x
  • User Experience Strategy
  • ScrumMaster Agile Training
Major in Communications - Eastern Michigan University Sep 1997 - Sep 2001

Study with an emphasis on the influence of communication in personal, professional, and public contexts and the effect of various forms of mass media on shared cultural experience.

Central High School - Battle Creek, MI Sep 1988 - Jul 1992

College prep courses and extensive participation in Debate and Oratory competition.